How would you eat an Elephant?


Day two! You got this.

Firstly - Take a little time out. Looking forward I'm not sure how long we can expect this stunning weather for. Yes I am sure a lot of you, like me are looking at the house thinking that it could do with a sort out. Mentally a tidy house it really helps but we can come to that another day when we don't have the option of getting out in to the sun for our all important vitamin D.

So my first suggestion today is to get outside. If you are isolating or you are in the vulnerable category go and sit out in your garden. What ever you were planning to do today can you take it out there? Even if it is just for ten minutes. It will really help to boost your mood.

If you are not self isolating, can you take a short walk (ensuring that you are keeping to the strict self distancing guidelines). If you have the kids at home I imagine that they need it. My three that have always refused point black to take a walk joined us on a wander around the farm yesterday. They all agreed that it made them feel a lot better. That's a first! If it's just you, you can use it as a bit of a mindfulness exercise. As your thoughts come to mind acknowledge them but then set them aside agreeing with yourself that you will work that out later. No doubt another thought will come and try to do the same. Try to focus more on your surroundings, the birds, the sound of the trees and if there are people chattering away keep those in the background but try to focus on the natural sounds. I know it sounds all very hocus pocus but it may just give your mind the few minutes peace that it needs.

Secondly - Tackle money matters Right, now that you have given yourself a little breather we can get down to the bit that is probably worrying us all at the moment. Finances!

For those that love a spreadsheet you are going to love this, for those who do not a pen and paper will do.

Let's put a list together of all of our out goings, every single one. Now let's take each one and work out what we can cut back on. Now is a really good time to get in contact with your utilities and see if they can reduce anything at all for you. Can you reduce that sky package? Will your mobile phone provider give you a payment holiday or can they suggest a reduction if you aren't using all of your minutes? Can you find a cheaper energy provider? Do you throw away a lot of food? Can you put a menu together and only buy what you need for those meals? You can use to compare prices. Go through your fridge and freeze anything that may go to waste. Have you claimed everything that you are entitled to? You can check on Do you need and use all of those subscriptions going out of your account? I found a which subscription that had been going out for years that I have never made use of and don't remember signing up to.

That's that, try not to leave that, you will genuinely feel much better for doing it.

Two more tips for today -

Take Magnesium. It is an essential nutrient that will help you relax, keep calm and improve your sleep. Dark green leafy veg, nuts, beans and oats contain it too.

Remember - Worrying does not create peace. Action does. As my grandad used to say 'How would you eat an elephant?'


Take care and keep safe! x


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