Never had a massage before?

Want to know how it all works and what to expect?

1- Upon booking, if you have booked a single appointment via phone or online we will request your email so as we can send you your consultation and consent form. This enables you to do it in your own time and it means that when you come for your appointment there is no paperwork to go through. The forms are all online, no printing is required. The online system also enables you to move or cancel your appointment. If you have booked on behalf of a group we will do consultation forms on the day that you attend. Nothing that you write on your consultation form will ever be discussed amongst others. Your therapist will review the information in a private room and if needed will discuss how to adapt your treatment to cater for your needs if she needs to. You will have the chance to ask her any questions at all. No question is a silly question and our lovely team are always happy to help. Please do always feel free to ask anything before, during or after. We have been in your shoes and know that it can be anxiety inducing. We want you to be as comfortable and as at ease as possible.

2- Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to disrobe. You will always be draped with towels and/or sheets and we will only ever uncover the area that we work on. You can undress to your comfort level. We suggest down to pants/boxers however if ladies like to keep their bra on that is absolutely fine. As I said, you will always be draped so it really is down to whatever you are most comfortable with.

3- Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best treatment that we can provide and to do so aim to meet your goals (relaxation, pain relief etc) . We will have discuss this with you beforehand but we will encourage you to tell your therapist if you would like them to adapt their massage in any way throughout . Whether you prefer a firmer, lighter, deeper massage or if you feel uncomfortable please let them know. We are here to help you and communication is key. If you have heard that a painful massage is more effective it is just not true.

4- During the massage relax. Enjoy, unless you encourage conversation your therapist will be quiet so as you can relax but if you prefer to talk do we are always most happy to have a chinwag.

5- When your massage has finished your therapist will leave the room for you to dress. When they return they will offer you water and offer feedback regarding your massag. If you came to us because of particular problems we can offer some ideas on stretching and exercise or self massage that you can take home.

Coming from someone who can get extremely anxious when I visit someone/somewhere new for a new experience of which I am not sure what to expect please don't be. Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a daft question.

I hope that this helps!

Take care


Rainwild Spa Aberystwyth at the Gwesty'r Marine Hotel, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, Sy232da.

01970 629380

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