So it is a lockdown. What can we do?

🌟It's easy to look at the negatives in all of this HOWEVER ... How many times have we said 'I wish I had time for ... ?' Now we do.

I have sat down and put a whole list of ideas of things that will keep us busy, calm, happy and resilient over the next few weeks. Things for us, the kids, everyone and we can get through this together.

💪Why - For our mental well-being. ✏️What we can do today - Lists If you are worried and concerned about things going on now, write a list, release the overwhelming tornado of thought in your mind. It will make it much easier for you to work through. Delving in to that negative tunnel of thought can be so demotivating. Try and tackle each worry one at a time instead of all at once. Research, don't let facebook be your main source of information, it can be really helpful and communicating with others and sharing your worries is something we should encourage but if you can get information straight from the horses mouth do. Call your utility providers, landlord, mortgage company, the council etc or whoever it is that can help. You may not get all of the answers but now that you have a little peace of mind we can move on to the good stuff. Write a list of all of the things you have been wanting to do but have had not had the time for. For eg More time with the kids. Walking the dog every day. Having a good sort out of the house. Tidy up the garden. Finish that book you have been meaning to read for months. Absolutely anything you can think of. It will be so easy for us all to get caught up on social media over the next few weeks and completely waste this time we have. We have an opportunity to turn this in to a positive. (I am not making light of the situation but where will negativity get us?) To all of the key workers that don't have the absolute privilege of this time, thank you so so much for all that you are doing. I truly wish that we could do more and should the opportunity arise we certainly will. Thank you for all that you are sacrificing for our nation. Speak soon and take care Amy at Rainwild Spa.


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