With a very heavy heart we have to announce.

Sending out lot's of love!

To all of the people having to spend time away from their loved ones to protect them, businesses scrambling to adapt to the new but temporary reality and to everyone a little bit uncertain and worried about what all of this will bring.

It's certainly going to be a difficult one but we have got this!

I have made the very difficult decision to close for now until this has all blown over, we can not justify the risk we pose to our clients and staff and we need to do what we can to support our fabulous NHS. . My heart goes out to all of the wonderful NHS staff, care workers and their families who are on the front line of all . A cup of tea, big discounts and giveaways for you when this is all over. Thank you for everything you do! Not to mention all of the cleaners, farmers, delivery drivers and retail staff and other people in roles that are being pushed to the limit at the moment. It has been a really difficult week here at Rainwild due to so many understandable cancellations. Things have not gone the way I would have wanted and wished for my fabulous team and I have been forced in to making some heartbreaking decisions (if you can call them that). Not all realise, the government has promised help but none of that is yet available. It just isn't happening fast enough for some businesses and it is leaving some crippled. We, as a team however will be with you on the other side of all of this stronger than ever. All unused vouchers due to expire have been extended and can be used once some sense of normality has been returned. I imagine that having a massage/beauty treatment is the last thing on your mind right now but we sincerely hope that you will be needing them after all of this! We can not wait to get back to work doing what we love most. There are lot's of local businesses pulling out the stops in order to support the community and to be able to keep their businesses going, I certainly intend to support them so that we still have a fantastic little town in the summer when things are back to normal and visitors here. I know that the government have asked us to avoid visiting pubs, restaurants and those within hotels however lot's of them are working out ways in order to still be able to serve us in the safest way possible and they will be reliant on us taking up their offer. As I mentioned before, help has been announced by the government but it is not yet in place and is still very unclear and some businesses just won't be able to wait for that.If it wasn't for the sacrifices made by our team and incredibly supportive landlords at the Marine hotel we certainly wouldn't be able to. We have vouchers available digitally and are downloadable. We will remind you of this now and again 😀. Even closed we have running costs to maintain and these will be our crutch at a time like this. Thank you so much for all of your support! Take care, chin up, keep safe, keep positive! You will seeing a lot of me on here 💜


Rainwild Spa Aberystwyth at the Gwesty'r Marine Hotel, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, Sy232da.

01970 629380

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